More Interviews from Occupy Wall Street (update below)

Update: In the above video, there is a portion of of one of my interviews which I edited in such a way that the conversation flow was interrupted, so I’ve posted an uninterrupted portion of that conversation below:

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3 Responses to More Interviews from Occupy Wall Street (update below)

  1. JC says:

    I’m not sure how peppering everyday people with questions about radical policies that many of them probably haven’t really thought through (returning land to Mexico, overthrowing the US gov’t, and other radical policy changes that are not generally on the minds/agendas of regular citizens) really adds to the conversation. It sounds like a lot of these answers that are being given to your questions are off the cuff and don’t represent the actual issues that they are there to advocate for. Why don’t you let them talk about their own issues instead of penning them in with your questions about topics that are complicated, consequential and beyond the realm of where most of these people feel comfortable commenting upon.

  2. Clover says:

    These interviews are absolutely amazing.

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